Your Body is Your Home

When you practice yoga, you might find that the spaces between your body, mind and emotions becomes calmer. There may be a sense of knowing that stress and emotion are always around,  like traffic, but right this minute you can turn into the Quiet Lane to let your thoughts settle, free from distraction.

When you practice yoga,  as well as becoming calm you can also feel free to notice your body and how it communicates with you. Perhaps for the first time this week or month or year you might really sense the ground under your feet. This deeper familiarity with your body might helps you to become closer to your true self. Being closer to your true self you might find, is a place where you can feel safe and secure, where the outside world cannot touch you. Here is a place where you can relax and find that you are finally at home.

When you practice yoga regularly there is less of a sense of escaping from the outside word and more of a sense of finding yourself at home, at last. When you practice yoga regularly, you may find that here there is no threat, nothing and no-one to judge you, nothing difficult to understand. Quite simply, when you practice yoga regularly your body becomes your true home.